The American Rental Association (ARA) is the largest international trade association for owners of equipment and event rental operations and manufacturers and suppliers of rental equipment. Advancing the equipment and event rental community is the central goal that drives every decision we make as an association. As rental continues to evolve, ARA employees and members are working together to build a strong future for our industry.

Our vision for the future includes education and training to develop employees and increase safety practices, a workforce that is sustainable and eager to advance their careers, use of technology that will increase operational performance and the ability to transform business data into actionable insights. Rental is more than a $65 billion industry. It’s a community of dedicated, hard-working people, and together we define our future.

Defining the Future:

Rental will be the preferred solution for equipment and event needs. ARA and its members will deliver unique solutions for their customers by embracing technology and analytics, and ensuring the safest work practices.

Core Purpose:

To support the success of members and advance the equipment and event rental industry.

Market Intelligence Goal:

ARA is the leader in providing market intelligence to equipment and event rental operators.
• Improve Event and DIY
segment forecasting.
• Expand ARA’s capability to identify
industry trends and improve
OEM product forecasting.
• Bolster the ability of members
to transform their business data
into actionable intelligence.

Education Goal:

ARA is utilized as the primary source for education and training in the equipment and event rental industry.
• Lead the development of industry
standards and safety best practices.
• Provide bilingual training materials
for the most utilized content.
• Support employee retention through continuing
education resources and structured career paths.

Consumer Awareness Goal:

Consumers think rental first.
• Measure customer recognition of the equipment
and event rental industry.
• Promote the economic and environmental
benefits of rental.

Industry Workforce Goal:

The equipment and event rental industry has a qualified and sustainable workforce.
• Forge relationships with schools as a primary recruitment
• Develop recruiting solutions for business owners.
• Focus on job seekers and influencers to increa

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Technology Goal:

Members are effectively utilizing technology to increase operational performance.
• Increase collaboration between technology providers
and rental businesses.
• Improve the rental experience for customers.
• Support members in understanding and adapting to
present and future technology.

Core Values

Support community and networking. • Embracing diversity through education and networking. • Develop leadership through volunteerism. •
Demonstrate integrity and a professional image. • Embrace change and continuous improvement.



ARA offers networking opportunities all year long for members with varying interests. There are so many ways to be involved with ARA and connect with the rental community.

  • The ARA Show
  • Young Professionals Network events
  • State and local association meetings

Government Affairs

ARA supports our members by providing representation and advocacy at the state and federal level. Two critical tools in our strategy include:

  • ARAPAC – ARA’s political action committee supports Congressional candidates who promote a pro-business environment
  • National Legislative Caucus – Caucus brings members to Washington D.C. to meet with Congress members about issues concerning our industry


Our members know they can rely on us for education and training tools to help them run an efficient and safe operation. From heavy construction to DIY to party and event rental, we have courses and training programs for everyone.

  • Professional Driver Education Program
  • Certified Event Rental Professional Program
  • Brand new RentalU platform


ARA wants to be your source for every business source. We offer HR solutions, economic forecasting, financial training, and marketing tips and advice.

  • ARA Rentalytics
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Report
  • Human Resources Assistance

Become a Member

Joining ARA gives you exclusive access to member benefits that will help you become more efficient and profitable. You can apply for ARA membership online right now! Membership types include:

  • Construction & Industrial
  • Light Construction & DIY
  • Party, Event & Wedding
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers

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