Construction Credit & Finance Group Attending the AED Summit 2022

Dates: Mon, Jan 17, 2022 – Wed, Jan 19, 2022
The AED Summit is this year’s annual opportunity to come together with professionals across the heavy equipment industry spectrum to improve yourself and your team.
Construction Credit and Finance Group is one of the proud sponsors of this event. Visit us at Booth 309. Our company focuses heavily on the construction industry and continues to help companies that supply Materials or Services to the construction industry and related industries.

With our 25 years of debt collections/pre-litigation and litigation experience, we help our clients recover outstanding monies on a contingent basis. We pride ourselves by treating your past due customers with respect and diplomacy to bring cases to resolution. We are very good at helping our clients mitigate their cost dramatically by using our services because we understand the value of enforcing credit application terms and or rental/lease agreement terms.

We have helped many of our clients reduce their cost to less than 10% because we do our absolute best to ensure the past due customers pay the cost of collections, which helps our client’s cost be reduced.

An example of this is below.

Debtor Payment Demand is below

Principal amount owed    100,000.00

Collection Fees pursued   25,000.00

If we collect 125,000.00 we send our client back the entire amount placed for collection which is 100,000.00 – we then would keep the collection fees, costing your company nothing to use our service on that case.

If we are unable to collect the collection fee and only the principal amount of 100,000.00 then we only bill you 18% which is much lower than standard collection agency rates of 20-25-33%

Our clients are given full online access to their Secure client software portal/account. You can pull excel reports, view all notes, interact with staff working your cases, post payments, check on remits and more.

While we understand your company most understandably has current relationships with collection agencies and law firms that are currently in place, we would never ask your company to stop using their services, only allow us a fair opportunity to be yet another asset to your companies’ recovery efforts.