Navigating Unpaid Invoices: What to Do If a Contractor Owes You Money

In the construction industry, grappling with what to do if a contractor owes you money is an all-too-common challenge. At Construction Credit and Finance Group (CCFG), we recognize the financial strain this can place on your business. Our mission is to empower you with a comprehensive set of solutions, ensuring that you have every tool at your disposal to proactively manage and recover the funds rightfully owed to you.

Understanding your options is crucial, and at CCFG, we provide a range of services tailored to address the multifaceted nature of debt recovery in the construction sector.

How B2B Debt Collection can Help You Collect Money From a Contractor

When a contractor owes you money, our B2B debt collection services serve as a lifeline. We navigate the intricacies of debt recovery on your behalf, employing proven strategies and industry expertise to expedite the process while maintaining ethical standards.

Credit Department Consulting

Prevention is the cornerstone of financial stability. Our credit department consulting services empower your business with the knowledge and tools needed to assess contractor creditworthiness before agreements are made. Establishing robust credit policies minimizes the risk of future payment issues and fosters healthy financial relationships.

Seminar Speaking

Knowledge is power. Our seminar speaking engagements provide you with crucial insights into effective debt management practices. By attending, you gain a deeper understanding of industry-specific challenges and learn actionable strategies to proactively manage and prevent debts.

Asset and Liability Investigation

In the pursuit of unpaid invoices, understanding a contractor’s financial position is key. Our asset and liability investigation services provide a comprehensive overview, ensuring you can make informed decisions about debt recovery and legal action.

Lien Notices and Filings

Securing your position is paramount. CCFG specializes in the preparation and filing of lien notices, providing an additional layer of protection for your outstanding debts. These proactive measures serve as powerful tools to encourage prompt payment and safeguard your interests.

Debt Collection Software

Efficiency is crucial in debt recovery. Our user-friendly debt collection software streamlines the process, allowing you to manage and track outstanding debts seamlessly. This tool empowers your business to stay organized and focused on successful debt resolution.


When faced with the challenge of unpaid invoices, Construction Credit and Finance Group stands as your strategic partner, offering a comprehensive array of services tailored to the unique needs of the construction industry. These services collectively represent your toolkit, ensuring that you have a holistic approach to debt recovery. Don’t let unpaid invoices hinder your growth – contact CCFG today to explore and leverage these strategic options for effective debt resolution.

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Curtis Fort

Chairman and Group CEO

Curtis Fort is an industry expert when it comes to Accounts Receivable Management in the Construction Industry. He has been advising C Suite Executives for nearly two decades and assisting finance controllers and credit managers to secure their companies accounts receivables.

Curtis is the Chairman of the Holding company that oversees three subsidiaries in which he is the Group CEO of Lienguard, Construction Credit & Finance Group and Construct Collect Technologies. He leads a team of industry professionals and is responsible for the growth of all business units under McKinley Holdings Group.

He became the current and only preferred provider to the largest Heavy Equipment Associations in North America for Commercial Debt Collection services and represents some of the nation’s largest Construction Companies at the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) and also sits on a committee to assist dealerships across the country as well as Member of the American Rental Association (ARA).