Today, Construction Credit & Finance Group is highlighting one of our preferred clients. Performance Brokerage Services is one of the largest automotive dealership brokerage firms in North America.


Not all dealership brokers are the same. The brokerage community is notorious for over promising and under delivering. Too often, brokers grab as many listings as they can and are unable to give the client the attention he or she deserves. To top it off, the fees have become unrealistically high and often get in the way of the deal.

Performance Brokerage Services understands that a new attitude is required. With a highly experienced team of qualified advisors and a reputation of exceptional integrity, we offer unmatched quality of service, ethical conduct and transparency. The principals at Performance Brokerage Services have been involved in over 700 transactions, while providing a 90% closing rate.


  • No upfront fees.
  • No reimbursement of any costs.
  • A success fee only – we get paid only after you are paid and the transaction closes.
  • Complimentary dealership assessment and enterprise valuation.
  • A smaller client base for all agents, and a greater focus on you.
  • A single agency representation rather than dual agency, if you choose.
  • Vigilant protection of confidentiality during the process and after.
  • Loyal, dedicated and unwavering representation.
  • Regular updates on the activity flow.
  • Your accountant and/or attorney will be made part of the buying or selling team early on.
  • Simpler and flexible engagement agreements.
  • Flexible fees and much lower than our competitors. As much as 50%.

Benefiting from over 25 years of experience, you may also tap into our national network of automotive attorneys and accountants, hundreds of registered and active buyers and our longstanding relationships with most of the manufacturers.

Headquartered in Irvine, California and supported by regional offices in Utah, Texas, Florida, Virginia and New Jersey, Performance Brokerage Services offers you national exposure with local representation.

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Curtis Fort is currently the Group CEO at Construction Credit & Finance Group and has been working to help companies like Performance Brokerage Services mitigate their losses for nearly 20 years. Feel free to contact him at 239-331-5385 or at