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Construction Credit & Finance Group takes pride in being a distinguished B2B debt collection agency, specializing in serving Nebraska’s construction sector. Our reputation for swift debt recovery underscores our dedication to assisting businesses across the state in efficiently resolving unpaid debts.

The construction industry plays a significant role in Nebraska’s economy, offering abundant opportunities for investment, job creation, and infrastructure development.

However, like any industry, Nebraska’s construction sector faces financial challenges. Economic fluctuations, unexpected project delays, and cash flow issues can lead to outstanding debts within the industry. In such cases, CCFG’s debt collectors play a vital role in ensuring the financial stability of construction businesses. Our assistance in recovering unpaid invoices and outstanding debts enables companies to maintain steady cash flow, meet financial obligations, and sustain growth in this dynamic sector.

B2B Debt Collection in Nebraska

Nebraska Debt Collection Laws

In Nebraska, debt collection is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits harassment and deceptive tactics. Additionally, Nebraska has its own Nebraska Collection Practices Act (NCPA) for further consumer protection.

The statute of limitations for debt collection in Nebraska varies (typically 3 to 6 years). Consumers have rights to dispute debts, request verification, and issue cease and desist letters.

Construction Credit and Finance Group (CCFG) operates ethically and effectively under Nebraska’s debt collection laws, providing compliant debt recovery solutions for businesses in the state.

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Our Debt Collection Services in Nebraska

#1 Commercial Construction Debt Collection Agencies in Nebraska

Welcome to Construction Credit and Finance Group, the leading commercial construction debt collection agency in Nebraska. Our focus on efficiently recovering outstanding debts, including asset investigations, ensures prompt results for B2B construction debts.

Our team of skilled debt collection specialists comprehends Nebraska’s unique challenges. With advanced technologies and proven strategies, we expedite fund retrieval, surpassing other agencies.

Our successful approach encompasses comprehensive asset investigations, securing payment for unsettled debts. We adeptly employ skip tracing, negotiations, and legal action, ensuring triumphant debt recovery.

Professionalism and integrity are core to our mission. Trust us for tailored solutions and swift financial recovery in Nebraska.

Facing commercial debt challenges? Contact Construction Credit and Finance Group today for expert assistance in recovering funds and restoring business success.

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