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Debt collector conducting asset and liability investigation
conducting asset and liability investigation

Asset & Liability Investigations

Face to Face Contact with Past Due Customers who fail to respond to our first demand for payment

Construction Credit & Finance Group specializes in working with Licensed and Bonded Private Investigators to assist us with our Debt Collection Recovery efforts.

What does an asset liability investigation do to help recover my money, you may ask.

Conducting an Asset & Liability Investigation helps recover your money by providing a combination of resources focused on establishing information regarding financial solvency, current asset holdings, and current liabilities. Each report contains up-to-the-minute financial information obtained from primary data sources and the leading 3rd party providers. Photographing Assets in front of a debtor and conducting site visits, ensures all assets and liabilities are uncovered through our collection process.

Should the debtor fail to honor their agreement and litigation is needed, we have all the necessary information to pursue the debtor fully and to do so to the fullest extent the law allows per state.

Our Nationwide Debt Collection Services help companies that range in size from smaller companies to fortune 100 Publicly Traded Companies.

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